Prince William County, Virginia

PWSI U9B Team Cicchi has fun – it’s tournament time!

U9B Team Mike Cicchi

U9B Team Cicchi

U9B Team Mike Cicchi


U9B Team Mike Cicchi U9B Team Mike Cicchi
U9B Team Mike Cicchi
U9B Team Mike Cicchi

Game over. Game well played.

Team Coach Mike Cicchi

PWSI-1 U19B Undefeated Champions!!

Coach Juarez and team surged through the November 2014 Herndon, Virginia All-Stars Tournament undefeated until they took the championship.

U19B PWSI-1 Team Juarez

U19B PWSI-1 Team Juarez celebrating their division victory.

U19B PWSI-1 Team Juarez

Coach Gustavo Juarez with some of his team’s players.

U19B PWSI-1 Team Juarez

Team players waiting for their next game.

Team Coach Gustavo Juarez

U10B PWSI-2 Team Salmeron goes through the tournament undefeated

U10B PWSI-2 Team Salmeron goes through the tournament undefeated at the November 2014 Herndon, Virginia All-Stars Tournament.


Togetherness – the way nine year old soccer players do it!


The was out … kinda … sorta … but it was a good day to have a pair of mittens with you.


More fun and silliness – but seriousness on the pitch as U10B PWSI-2 walked away undefeated.

U10B PWSI-2 Team Salmeron goes all the way

We’re #1!

One more time ... with coaches!

Team Coach Pedro Salmeron

Coach Bob Vay gets dunked because team won against the odds

Herndon All-Stars Tournament, November 2014 featuring PWSI’s U-11G Heart Breakers, aka PWSI-1.

From one PWSI parent’s recollection:

We needed a win for our last game and it was a team we played last year that the girls remembered beat us bad. They really wanted to win. Coach Bob gave one of his famous speeches to the girls. Finally I told him for some inspiration he should tell them they could dump the ice cold water bucket (in the freezing temps today!) on him if they won. Well, THEY WON!!! So proud of our girls, the coaches and parents!

— Angela Barnedo

U13G PWSI Coach Bob

Coach Bob goes under the water because his players pulled out a win!

The great part of the story is that the U-11G Heart Breakers were beaten badly 7-1 by this same club in the spring 2014 tournament.  This time around, with the score tied 0-0 in the 48th minute, U-11G Heart Breakers made one more stab downfield. A beautiful through ball set up a 40-yard run and finish with less than 2 minutes left.


Happy Winners! with their coaches Pete Vay, Bob Vay, and Pedro Salmeron.

U13G PWSI Team Nunemaker – CHAMPIONS!!

U13G PWSI Team Nunemaker – CHAMPIONS!!

U13G PWSI Team Nunemaker - CHAMPIONS!!

U13G PWSI Team Nunemaker – CHAMPIONS!!

Coach Ron Nunemaker

PWSI U12B Team Demas – 2nd Place Trophy

Congrats go to PWSI U12B Team Demas for their win of 2nd Place Trophy in the Herndon, Virginia All-Stars Tournament.

Below are some team pictures — the final win came in a good hard slog with plenty of cold and rain.

U12B PWSI-5 Team Demas

U12B PWSI-5 Team Demas

U12B PWSI-5 Team Demas

Coin Toss – Saturday Nov 15th

U12B PWSI-5 Team Demas

U12B PWSI-5 in action

U12B PWSI-5 Team Demas

David vs Goliath — Not all players are growing physically at the same rate at this age.

U12B PWSI-5 chilling

PWSI-5 U12 chilling between games.

U12B PWSI-5 Team Demas

U12B PWSI-5 Coach Tom Demas with team parent and photographer Audrey Murphey who had two players on Team Demas.

U12B PWSI-5 Team Demas

Team trophies – U12B PWSI-5 Team Demas

Fall 2014 Results – PWSI does well again!

Congratulations to all of the PWSI teams that competed. Not every team will bring home a trophy but many did!

PWSI Soccer FutbolU9G –> 1 Champion & 1 Finalist
U10B –> 1 Champion & 1 Finalist
U11B –> 1 Finalist
U12B –> 1 Finalist
U12G –> 1 Champion
U13B –> 1 Finalist
U13G –> 1 Champion
U14B –> 1 Finalist
U14G –> 1 Finalist
U16G –> 1 Champion
U19B –> 1 Champion & 1 Finalist
U19G –> 1 Champion

15 total trophies for our club … beating out last Fall’s tally.

All-Stars Update Nov 6th, 2014 — ACTION!!

Info on games, scrimmages, rules and such


Dear PWSI Players and Families,

Just wanted to drop you a note as to where we are at in the All-Stars process.

Most All-Stars teams have formed and begun practices earlier this week. Most players have also been selected, although there are usually some late picks even in the coming weekend.

I do not have a master list of players. Some of you have written and asked if your son or daughter were selected. Player selection is by the coach of the team.


?? Have you paid your player fee of $35. We would like to finalize rosters and to issue player cards. If a coach has called and asked your son or daughter to play on their team then you need to make payment immediately. Please pay online via your PWSI family account or go to the PWSI Clubhouse at Howison Park on Minnieville Road to pay. A player cannot be put on a roster until they have paid.

?? Jerseys — does your player have a number on their jersey? There needs to be a number on both the white and red jersey. You can take your jersey to All-Stars Sports, located between Potomac Mills Mall and IKEA. Tell them that you are with PWSI All-Stars. Please do this no later than this weekend.

!! Jersey numbers: Each jersey must have a different number. If you have two jerseys with the same number just add a 1 before or after a number. So if there are two #7 players then that is not a problem. Make one a 17 or 71.

?? Emergency Contact Forms — Coaches need to have a signed copy of an Emergency Contact Form. This is part of the registration packet. There is an official tournament form, BUT any form which authorizes medical care in case of an accident is acceptable. Here is our recommended form:

!! Game Schedules:

!! Coaches / Team Registrations:

—–>> It is your responsibility to register your team for the tournament.

—–>> If you have all of your paperwork together you can scan your documents and register online:

—–>> If you do not electronically register your team then you will need to register your team next week. The Pre-Tournament check in will be Wednesday November 12th from 7:00-9:30pm at the Hiddenbrook Swim and Tennis Clubhouse located at 1508 A Sadlers Wells Drive Herndon VA 20170. You may check-in multiple teams and any club/team representative may handle the teams’ check in. If you check in on Wednesday night, you may proceed directly to your designated field on Saturday morning.

——>> One person can check in multiple teams. Make a friend and find a volunteer parent to help you out by taking your team’s materials and preregistering. Then your team only has to show up at game time on game day.

——>> As a last resort, you can register your team on game day. I do not recommend this as it leaves no room for error, but some of you are either A) very organized so it will work out, or B) like to live dangerously … and keep your guardian angel on standby.

——>> Instructions for registering your team and its documents:


Bill Golden

Get an F-22 Quadcopter Drone at your local 7-11

Bill Golden sez:

You can now pick up a ‘drone’ at your 7-11 along with your cup of coffee and a doughnut.

F-22 Drone RPV

The 7-11 convenience store at the corner of Dale Boulevard and Hoadly Road, Dale City, Virginia, now offers three kinds of drones for less than $99.

Despite the advertisement that these are professional grade drones, these drones are really just advanced toys with limited use — you get seven minutes of flight time on a good set of batteries. However, the drones look well built and durable and you can pick up the F-22 quadcopter drone for just $59.

Seven minutes of flight time — that’s a lot more than I once got with my rubberband balsawood airplanes!

Rubberband Glider Airplane

Get your rubberband gliders at Rainbow Resource

BTW – No doughnuts were actually eaten during my visit to this 7-11 … just in case you are talking to my wife.

Bill G.

Quantico Marine Corps Base has Job Openings

Quantico Marine Corps Community Services has Job Openings

Quantico MSCC USMC


Positions may be available in the following areas:

  • Administrative Support
  • Accounting
  • Behavioral Health
  • Children, Youth & Teen Services
  • Construction
  • Contracting
  • Education & Career Services
  • Finance
  • Fitness & Health Promotion
  • Food & Hospitality
  • Human Resources
  • Information & Referral
  • Information Technology
  • Libraries
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Warehouse Support
  • Recreation
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Retail