SoccerSpring 2017 All-Stars Tournament

FPYC Youth Soccer will host its annual All-Star Cup on June 17th and 18th, 2016. The tournament is sanctioned by the Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) for recreational and recreational All-Star teams.

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Rules and Things You Need to Know

Official Tournament Rules | PWSI All-Stars Guidelines

Cost to Play

$45 per player.

Team Rosters

Teams must carry a minimum number of players on their roster (PWSI rule).
The tournament limits the maximum number of player on a roster (Tourny rule).

Game Min on Roster Max on Roster Max From Same Team
 Fall Spring Fall Spring
U8 5v5 8 9  10 6 7
U9 7v7 11 12  14 8 9
U10 7v7 11 12  14 8 9
U11 8v8 13 14  16 9 10
U12 8v8 13 14  16 9 10
U13 11v11 15 16 18 12 13
U14 11v11 15 16 18 12 13
U16 11v11 15 16 18 12 13
U19 11v11 15 16 18 12 13
Spring games are full length A coach is limited as to how many players can be selected from their regular season team.

PWSI Rule on the max amount of players from the same regular season team allowed to play on the same All-Stars team:

  • Fall: Starters + 1
  • Spring: Starters + 2 (longer games, hot weather)

Team Players

A coach is limited to how many players they can choose from their own team: Starters +1 (+2 in the springtime) … Example: If you play 5v5 then only 6 players can be selected from your regular season team

Game Day
  • U10+ Corner Kicks … so practice.
  • No headers for U11 and below. None! Games will stop and reset if a player heads a ball.
    — If a player intentionally heads a ball then there may be a penalty for that player’s team.
  • Home teams wear Red Jersey, else where White Jersey.
  • … more info coming!

About Players and Coaches

  • No travel teams or travel carded players are allowed to participate in this tournament.
  • All players must have current US Youth Soccer recreational player passes issued by PWSI.

Players — We encourage players who believe they have what it takes to be competitive to register. Cost: $45 with online registration. There is an additional $5 charge if you register using the paper registration form. You do not get to request which coach you play for. Coaches choose their players.

Coaches — Coaching is not restricting to just regular season coaches. League Directors are allowed to select qualified individuals to coach a team. To be consideration to become an All-Stars team coach please register online. More information about coaching is provided below.

SFL Coaches — U13 / U14 / U16 / U19 team coaches must be approved by BOTH their league director and by the All-Stars Coordinator: Bill Golden

Instructions for SFL Coach Approval

Register to Play and to Coach

Online Registration

Paper Form Registration — take this form to the PWSI office on Minnieville Road.

Refunds — There are no refunds if you are selected for a team and decide not to participate.

Contacting Us

Have a question about All-Stars? Jenise Mancini and Bill Golden are PWSI’s All-Stars Coordinators

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