SoccerFall 2016 All-Stars Tournament

Herndon Youth Soccer will host the 16th annual All-Star Cup on November 19-20, 2016. The tournament is sanctioned by the Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) for recreational and recreational All-Star teams.

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Scrimmage Field Reservations

Scrimmage Field reservations require that two teams be scheduled.

Rules and Things You Need to Know

Official Tournament Rules | PWSI All-Stars Guidelines

Game Divisions — There are no A/B/C game divisions in this tournament. Teams will compete on Saturday and their rankings will determine which teams play in which competitive finals on Sunday.

Team Rosters

Teams must carry a minimum number of players on their roster. The tournament limits the maximum number of player on a roster.

Game Min on Roster Max on Roster Max From Same Team
U8 5v5 8  10 6
U9 7v7 11  14 8
U10 7v7 11  14 8
U11 8v8 13  16 9
U12 8v8 13  16 9
U13 11v11 15 16 12
U14 11v11 15 16 12
U16 11v11 15 18 12
U19 11v11 15 18 12

Team Players

A coach is limited to how many players they can choose from their own team: Starters +1 (+2 in the springtime) … Example: If you play 5v5 then only 6 players can be selected from your regular season team

Game Day
  • U10+ Corner Kicks … so practice.
  • No headers for U11 and below. None! Games will stop and reset if a player heads a ball.
  • Home teams wear Red Jersey, else where White Jersey.
  • … more info coming!

About Players and Coaches

  • No travel teams or travel carded players are allowed to participate in this tournament.
  • All players must have current US Youth Soccer recreational player passes issued by PWSI.

Players — We encourage players who believe they have what it takes to be competitive to register. Cost: $40 with online registration. There is an additional $5 charge if you register using the paper registration form. You do not get to request which coach you play for. Coaches choose their players.

Coaches — Coaching is not restricting to just regular season coaches. League Directors are allowed to select qualified individuals to coach a team. To be consideration to become an All-Stars team coach please register online. More information about coaching is provided below.

Register to Play and to Coach

Online Registration

Paper Form Registration — take this form to the PWSI office on Minnieville Road.

Refunds — There are no refunds if you are selected for a team and decide not to participate.

Contacting Us

Have a question about All-Stars? Jenise Mancini and Bill Golden are PWSI’s All-Stars Coordinators

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