SFL-age group coaches must be approved by the All-Stars Coordinator: Bill Golden, Soccer@IntelligenceCareers.com

Approval is a two step process:

  • Step 1: Coaches copy the agreement text below and send in an email to Bill Golden at Soccer@IntelligenceCareers.com
  • Step 2: Bill Golden will contact the coach and confirm over the phone that the coach understands what they agreed to.

All-Stars Coach Agreement and Understanding of Expectations

++ I understand that a coach is a role model and mentor. I have not received a red card or been expelled from a game this season.

++ It is the coach’s responsibility to recruit players. As coach, I will contact other coaches and my league director to ask them to identify players. I will watch games of other teams in my age group to identify players.

++ It my responsibility to ask a player to play for my team. If there are multiple teams within my age group then I will coordinate choices with the other coaches.

++ I understand that I am limited in selecting players from any regular season team. I can only select a number equal to starters + 2. (EXAMPLE: If 7v7 then a max of 9 players from same team can be selected). PWSI also has a minimum roster size requirement: 16 players.

++ I will submit a final list of players for rostering to Jenise Mancini, jenisemanc@aol.com, no later than June 2, 2017. Player registration must be paid as of June 2nd for a player to be added to my roster.

++ I understand that PWSI may assign paid-but-unselected players to teams as of June 3, 2017. I will accept this player onto my team. These paid players receive priority for team assignment before players that I may have selected but are not yet paid as of June 2nd. (NOTE: This is rare but it does happen).

++ I am responsible for registering my team at the Fairfax FPYC clubhouse if I am late in completing roster information required for electronically filing tournament forms by June 7th.

++ Game Day: All players will be played at least 50% of the game. If a situation arises where a player does not get the expected amount of game time then I will immediately approach the player and their parents and explain my decision. I will compensate the player in the following game by giving extra game time.

++ My points of contact for tournament and/or rule questions are Bill Golden (Soccer@IntelligenceCareers.com), Jenise Mancini (jenisemanc@aol.com) or Pat Howarth (PHowarth@pwsi.org).